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Diabetes Epidemic Set to Cause Surge in Heart Attacks and Strokes

The British Heart Foundation is putting out a clarion call, with a warning that a surge of heart attacks and strokes is about to hit England if they don’t do something about their diabetes epidemic now. If you have Type 2 diabetes you’re two to four times more likely to have a heart attack or stroke; and since obesity contributes to Type 2 diabetes, it’s time to tackle obesity, Sky News reports. Losing weight, quitting smoking, exercising regularly and cutting back on alcohol can all help.

This news reports focuses on what’s happening in England, but it’s a worldwide problem. In America, 1 in 3 adults is already prediabetic, meaning their blood glucose levels are between 100 and 125 — and most are unaware of just how close they are to being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes if they allow these numbers to go unabated. It’s a dour forecast, but the upside is you don’t have to allow it to happen. Even if you’ve already been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, it is reversible — and without drugs.

I originally wrote my book “Fat for Fuel” for cancer patients, but it is even more effective for Type 2 diabetes. Cancer is a complex and typically a major challenge to treat, requiring more than diet. However, Type 2 diabetes in nearly every case is resolved with the type of eating plan I discuss in “Fat for Fuel.”

Basically learning to burn fat for fuel is the best thing you can ever do for yourself, if you’re at all concerned about your health and your risk for cardiovascular problems and other chronic diseases. The eating plan not only addresses insulin resistance and prediabetes, but if you’re already diabetic, the same guidelines apply.

Basically, this eating plan calls for limiting net carbs (total carbohydrates minus fiber) and protein and replacing them with higher amounts of high-quality healthy fats such as seeds, nuts, raw grass-fed butter, olives, avocado, coconut oil, organic pastured eggs and animal fats, and avoid all processed foods, including processed meats. For a list of foods that are particularly beneficial for diabetics, please see “Nine Superfoods for Diabetics.”
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