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Use Honey First for a Cough, New Guidelines Say

If you haven’t heard about the healing wonders of honey, health officials in England are asking that you try it out with a cough. As reported by BBC, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has proposed guidelines that include recommendations to make honey your first line of defense against coughs and a sore throat. Reaching for honey instead of over-the-counter medications not only can go a long way toward relieving cold symptoms, but also helps in reducing patients’ thinking that they need an antibiotic for a viral illness that can’t be treated by antibiotics, anyway, BBC said.

The health benefits of honey are slowly, but surely, coming to the forefront as the world desperately seeks alternatives to dwindling choices for antibiotics. To that end, it’s great to point out that raw, organic honey not only can coat an itchy, sore throat that contributes to coughs, but it can also serve as a remedy against viruses that antibiotics can’t treat.

When choosing honey, don’t just buy whatever jar you see on a grocery shelf, however, as many honeys today aren’t even true, real honey. Raw organic honey is typically crude honey that’s immediately taken out of the combs’ cells. It’s jarred as-is, with no added sugars or added nutrients. And though it’s more expensive than regular organic honey, Manuka Honey is worth the cost in its added health benefits.

Studies show that Manuka honey has antioxidant capabilities that not only help soothe sore throats, but can heal infections and even alleviate inflammatory conditions like gastric ulcers. It’s also worth noting that growing number of hospitals and even burn and cancer centers are now using Manuka honey specifically as a healing treatment for wounds and burns.

What’s even more interesting is that Manuka honey has less sugar in every 1 tablespoon serving, compared to other honeys.
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