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Mum Fighting Lyme Disease Left Devastated as Awful Coincidence Sees Both Her Children Also Infected

A British mother who fought Lyme disease for more than a decade was thrice-bitten, so to speak, when her two young daughters also came down with the disease. After watching how the illness devastated their mother, the girls were terrified that they, too, would become just as sick, and possibly even kill them, the Mirror reported. The woman paired a workout program with infrared sauna treatments along with her prescription antibiotics to finally get well.

It’s impressive that sauna treatments helped this woman after she spent so many years in a steadily decreasing state of health. While the article doesn’t state which kind of infrared sauna this woman used, I believe you can achieve superior detoxification and health benefits with a near-infrared sauna, which has wavelengths that can penetrate up to 4 inches into your body’s tissues.

That said, the typical infrared sauna sold in the U.S. is far-infrared, which are low-energy wavelengths that provide virtually no photobiomodulation health benefits, as they only heat your body superficially. On the flip side, near-infrared light therapy stimulates your mitochondria to release nitric oxide and boost ATP production which, together, promote healing effects such as DNA repair and cellular regeneration.

That the featured woman who used the sauna to abate her Lyme disease is in Europe is probably no coincidence, either, as daily sauna use is a simple strategy commonly used in parts of Europe. Athletes around the world enjoy it too, for addressing post-workout stress and relaxation.

Before you try sauna bathing yourself, it will help to understand the different types of saunas, and what each can do for your body. Infrared, near- and far-infrared saunas are known for their ability to promote detoxification. By heating tissue several inches deep, an infrared sauna may enhance your natural metabolic process and improve blood circulation, helping to oxygenate your tissues.

There are several benefits to near-infrared saunas over the others, however, as these offer greater tissue penetration and interaction with chromophores in your body. Chromophores are light-sensitive molecules in your mitochondria and water molecules that absorb light. When your bare skin is exposed to near-infrared light, light absorbing molecule, called cytochrome c oxidase (CCO) increases the production of energy in your mitochondria.

It is also involved in healing and repair, as well as other biological functions. These light waves are absent in artificial light sources, such as fluorescents and LEDs, which is one of the reasons these light sources are so detrimental to your health.

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