Please Help in the Fight for YOU to Be Allowed to Make Your Own Food Choices

If you’ve been following this topic at all, you’re very much aware that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is working hard to take away YOUR right to drink raw milk if you want to. It’s an ongoing saga with no solid basis, except to help Big Dairy get an edge over a consumer market they don’t want to exist. In other words, the FDA “food police” are bent on shutting down anybody who offers raw milk for sale, or anyone who even thinks of purchasing it.

It’s crazy because raw milk is not vilified in other countries like it is in the U.S. and Canada — in Europe, it’s actually sold fresh daily in vending machines! Yet, while these self-service machines flourish at European farmers markets, shopping centers and near playgrounds and schools, over on the other side of the ocean, the FDA and Canadian authorities are bent on declaring raw milk a poison.

It’s NOT a poison, of course — far from it. Raw milk and cheese, obtained from healthy animals, is safe and good for you. But beyond that and, most importantly, nobody is making anybody drink it: If you don’t want raw milk, fine. The point is, if you DO want it, if you DO want to enjoy the rich flavor and abundant nutrients that only raw milk can provide, you also should have the right to make that decision for yourself, so you can drink up anywhere, any time you want.

Several U.S. states have decided you do have that right, but I, along with the Organic Consumers Association, Real Food Consumer Coalition, the American Grassfed Association and the Natural Health Association, want to help make this a right for everyone in the U.S. To that end, we’re calling on you to join us and raw milk farmers and drinkers in educating members of Congress about the benefits of raw milk.

We had hoped that a bipartisan amendment to the Farm Bill, introduced earlier this year by Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY), would have ended the FDA’s ban on interstate sales of raw milk. But, unfortunately, Massie’s amendment was defeated, even though it was supported by 79 Congresspersons. We’re not willing to let end there. Whether you’re a raw milk drinker or not, if you’re interested in protecting citizen’s rights to make your own food and health choices, I’m asking you to help.

Please register for our training webinar planned for September 17 at 8 p.m. ET and, if possible, sign up to join our lobbying team in person in Washington D.C. September 26. Then, that evening, join us for a delicious dinner donated by regenerative organic farms and prepared by award-winning chefs.

I thank you in advance — but, before I go, please note: If the FDA is successful in shutting down this one facet of food choice, I promise it will only be the first step, and just a matter of time before the FDA Food Police come to take away a different food choice. Act now! Protect YOUR right to make your own food choices. Join our seminar, or better yet, see you in Washington! Sign up today!

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