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Now Government Says BPA Is ‘Safe’ — But Is It Really?

A government study that was supposed to resolve the safety questions about BPA, aka bisphenol-A, an ingredient in plastics, is raising more questions than answers. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) claims they’ve conducted a $30 million study on BPA, and found no evidence of it being a human health threat at “estimated dietary exposures.” But outside analysts say the FDA’s study done on rats points to just the opposite — that, indeed, low levels of BPA are a problem, NPR reports.

BPA has been linked to obesity, cancer, diabetes and behavioral problems, to name a few, due to its estrogenic activity when humans are exposed to it. And, using the FDA’s own data, these outside analysts point out that some of the study rats had unusually high rates of breast cancer and prostate inflammation, a truth that will come out when the next phase of the study is released, they said.

It’s ludicrous that the FDA is trying to claim the science is settled on this when academic scholars not involved with the study say the agency’s own “science” proves exactly the opposite. Before the FDA set out on its apparent quest to prove BPA “safe,” many small studies have shown that BPA not only is not safe, but that it can cross the placental barrier in the womb, carrying toxic overloads of it to the growing infant.

More importantly, the researchers found that while the active form of BPA stays active in the developing infant, the inactive form can be converted to an active form, indicating prebirth exposure to BPA was greater than originally anticipated. This alone should be enough to shake the radar on safety questions with this chemical.

But even so, the FDA has forged ahead in an apparent $30 million quest to prove all the independent scientists wrong and to clear the chemical industry of any suspicion. In other words, in spite of any outside tests, BPA is fine — just ignore all the other studies and trust the FDA.

Well, trust if you want, but the truth is the FDA has been found time and again to be heavily influenced by the very industries it’s supposed to oversee. And, as industries’ influence grows on the FDA, so too, have FDA approvals for products that are later proven to be dangerous — and even deadly. If you need proof, you need look no further than the very people who head up the FDA.

For example, when Robert Califf was confirmed in 2016 as FDA Commissioner despite 23 financial links to Pharma and cheerleading for Vioxx and Xarelto, many felt the industry taint at the FDA could not get worse. But then Dr. Scott Gottlieb took over and even The New York Times couldn’t help but notice all the conflicts he has with industry.

The story goes on and on — if you want to go backward in time, just think back to those heinous Vioxx scandals that killed thousands before the drug was finally taken off the market. That’s why, I’m going to hold off believing the headlines proclaiming BPA’s safety and look at the story behind the headlines that features independent scientists using the same data, showing that in this case, once again, somebody is claiming the emperor is wearing beautiful new clothes when he’s not wearing anything at all.

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