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British Teenage Girls Are Among the heaviest Drinkers in Europe — and Have Overtaken Boys

It used to be that when it came to teenage drinking, girls lagged behind the boys in the amounts they imbibed. But now, in Europe at least, the claim to fame for binge drinking has been snatched by the girls. According to The Telegraph, Denmark leads the way for drunk 15-year-old girls, with Wales, Hungary, Scotland, Lithuania and England close behind.

On an upside, the proportion of teens who have been drunk at least twice has fallen enough among boys to reflect an overall lower statistic for the group. Interestingly, Denmark falls to fourth place in heaviest drinking among boys. Investigators speculated that mental health issues and marketing methods are two issues that may be causing more girls to drink.

Even though this report is based in Europe, the idea that mental health issues among girls may be triggering binge drinking is especially concerning, as depression, anxiety and other mental health issues are not limited to European teens. America has the same problem, with both depression and suicide skyrocketing among children and teens. Stateside, reports show that these conditions mirror a rapid increase in the use of drugs (alcohol is a drug, too, by the way).

In the pharmaceutical drug category, this includes antidepressants, but also many other drugs identified as high-risk for triggering depression, such as birth control pills and drugs for heartburn, allergies and pain. Even toddlers are receiving psychostimulant drugs such as Ritalin these days.

Among young girls aged 10 to 19, the suicide rate rose by 70 percent between 2010 and 2016 alone. Granted, several other depression-inducing factors have also increased in recent years, including the use of social media in lieu of face-to-face contact, and chronic, excessive exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF), but rising use of medicines that have depression as a side effect could be a significant contributor or exacerbating factor.

Aside from drug side effects, other factors known to contribute to depression that are frequently ignored or overlooked, including chronic inflammation, gut dysfunction and inflammation, traumatic events like accidents, losing a loved one or relationship problems and poor nutrition can all contribute to feelings of helplessness that would “drive” one to drugs or alcohol.

One way to address mental health issues is to begin with your diet, paying careful attention to avoiding sugar, artificial sweeteners, grains, lectins and processed food in general, and making sure you're getting enough B vitamins, animal-based omega-3, healthy fats and vitamin D.

Also, don’t wait to address stress and unresolved emotions. Learning how to use an energy psychology tool like the Emotional Freedom Techniques can make an enormous difference if you suffer from depression or any other kind of emotional dysfunction. And, if you or someone you know is severely depressed, seek professional help.

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