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Scientists Call for ‘Noah’s Ark’ of Human Microbes to Prevent ‘Growing Health Crisis’

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola

The world is in a microbe crisis, one that has humanity on edge as we slowly destroy the beneficial microbes in our bodies with antibiotics and processed food diets. Looking ahead, some scientists are calling for an all-out search around the world to gather and store natural microbes, almost like the biblical Noah’s Ark, for future generations.

Modeling their endeavor after the global seed vault that stores crops and plants, scientists say they want to gather microbes from populations that are untouched by civilization, and store them before it’s too late, the Independent reports.

Your gut microbiome is indeed the center of your health status. We don’t need more research to prove that — we already know it. What’s alarming is that we have so changed the microbiota in our guts that scientists today feel an urgency to preserve what we have left for the world of tomorrow. While they do that, there is something you can do, right now, for yourself, to restore and preserve your own microbiota by ditching processed foods, right this minute.

This is important for everyone, but if you’ve been trying to lose weight and making serious diet cuts in all the right places for weight loss, not just maintenance, but still not making progress, there may be something at play that is effectively blocking your success. According to new research, the problem might not be what's already there, but what's missing — specifically the right gut microbiota.

The key in weight loss success, as well as the difference, is that losing fat, rather than muscle mass, is what delivers a meaningful bottom line. In addition to changing your diet so that you’re burning fat for fuel, rather than sugar and carbs, studies are also showing that probiotics can play a starring role in getting your gut back to normal and working at its optimal best.

When your gut microbiome is balanced, your general function is one that reflects a boost in energy because all around, you're healthier. One of the best and least expensive ways to optimize your gut microbiome is to eat traditionally fermented and fiber-rich foods, including lassi, fermented grass-fed organic milk such as kefir, natto (fermented soy) and fermented vegetables.

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