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You Can Vape Vitamins Now, but Experts Are Skeptical

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola

In another you have-to-see-it-to-believe-it revelation, Fox News reports that vaping is now being pushed as a method to get your vitamins. At least three companies have introduced various renditions of how to do this, but experts are doubtful that this is a habit you want to pick up, even though vaped herbs and vitamins don’t have the nicotine in them that regular vaping does.

If nothing else, heating the vape liquid to create vapor can produce chemicals that weren’t in the original liquid, Fox said. Doctors also said that no matter what you’re vaping, they’re not sure that long-term exposure to the particulates in the vapors isn’t harmful, either.

In this case, I’m with the doctors quoted in the article: Vaping isn’t good for you in any form. The very idea of trying to make vaping sound healthy by putting vitamins in the vape fluids is offensive, and tremendously misleading to consumers. Indeed, at this point I agree that the vaping epidemic is getting out of hand.

From hooking young people, including teens, on the habit, to poisoning the air from the vapors, studies show that vaping is not the “safe” option that manufacturers would like you to think. The fine particulate matter they emit is more polluted than you can imagine — in fact the most dangerous air pollution is fine particulate matter (PM) which refers to particles smaller than 2.5 micrometers in diameter (PM2.5).

These particles are small enough to pass through lung tissue and enter your bloodstream triggering chronic inflammation and chronic disease. In other words, if you think you’re only vaping vitamins, think again. And it’s unconscionable for any manufacturer to try to sell you on vaping based on the argument that the vitamins in it makes it’s “good” for you.

If you feel you need more vitamins to boost your health, the best way to get them is through a healthy, balanced diet consisting of whole, fresh, organically-raised foods and free-range, pastured beef, pork, poultry and dairy.

If you need help in learning which foods are best for each vitamin you want to boost in your body, check out my article, “Valuable Nutrition Information at Your Fingertips With Mercola Food Facts.” There, you will learn how to recognize what types of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are in your foods, so you can take control of your own health in the best possible way — and it’s NOT vaping.

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