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Philip Morris Accused of Hypocrisy Over Anti-Smoking Ad

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola

When it comes to hypocrisy, one of the worlds’ biggest tobacco firms, Philip Morris, is under fire for an ad campaign it’s conducting urging smokers to quit. According to BBC, the message is nothing more than a suggestion to switch to e-cigarettes — an accusation that the company’s managing director affirmed when he said the ad’s purpose is “about supporting smokers in finding alternatives.”

Indeed, the ad campaign itself suggests vaping as one solution to smoking. Not only that, the company continues to advertise regular cigarettes in places around the world where it’s still legal to do so.

There is just no other way of saying it, so I’ll put it plainly: Switching from one bad habit to another is not the way to end bad habits, especially when it comes to smoking in any form. In other words, vaping is not a better choice. In fact, more and more research is showing that vaping may have even worse ill effects on you, in different ways. Conventional cigarettes contain thousands of toxic chemicals and damage your lungs — but e-cigarettes come with their own set of toxins.

Not only that, the inflammatory process that vaping causes may increase your risk for various infections. They also can increase your risk of heart disease and stroke, as they use flavorings found to induce those diseases. Bystanders are not immune either; like secondhand tobacco smoke, vapor from e-cigs contain known carcinogens and at least 10 of the chemicals identified on California’s Proposition 65 list of reproductive toxins and carcinogens.

All this, and more, point out that it’s important for you to know, if you smoke e-cigarettes or are thinking of switching to them, they are NOT a safer alternative to regular smoking. And, as you encounter those e-cig ads, remember that they are craftily concocted with the purpose of getting you hooked, no matter what Philip Morris or any tobacco company says to the contrary.

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