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Two Whooping Cough Cases Confirmed in Washington State, More Cases Possible

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola

The state of Washington is reporting its first whooping cough cases of 2018. So far, two have been confirmed, while others are suspected. Health officials are asking residents to make sure their vaccinations are up to date, particularly schoolchildren, because “immunity for pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine or disease wears off,” Q13 Fox said. Health officials also reminded adults they need vaccinated for whooping cough, too, particularly if they are around children or work in health care settings.

Here we go again. Every year about this time as winter rolls in and the familiar coughs begin, indicating you may have pertussis, health officials start raising a ruckus about getting a whooping cough vaccine as soon as possible. But if you think it’s interesting that health officials are admitting that the vaccines wear off, it’s not a coincidence. In fact, many vaccinologists are stepping up their game with these proclamations in a move to press for bringing back an older — but more dangerous — form of the vaccine.

Their argument is that the toxin-filled whole cell pertussis vaccine works a little better at preventing whooping cough a little longer than the current, purified acellular pertussis vaccine. But what they don’t tell you is that vaccinated people can still transmit whooping cough, even when they show no symptoms of the disease!

Let me say that again: Whether you or your child have been vaccinated or not, you can still get a silent asymptomatic pertussis infection and transmit it to someone else without even knowing it. The fact is that more than 94 percent of kindergarten children have had four to five pertussis vaccines, yet the disease continues to flourish.

What this means is that child or adult sitting next to you in the bus, classroom, movie theater or doctor's office, who has a little cough or no cough at all, could be infected with B. pertussis whooping cough, even though they’ve gotten every federally recommended dose of pertussis vaccine.

When there are a lot of people with silent asymptomatic pertussis infections, it is impossible to know who is a carrier and who is not, which means that reported cases of pertussis are just the tip of a very big iceberg. It also means that articles blaming whooping cough cases on unvaccinated or partially vaccinated people are nothing more than wishful thinking and scapegoating.

Public health officials have known this for a very long time, and one reason they get away with their disinformation campaign is because many doctors don’t bother testing for it, and don’t report it. They simply parrot the press releases and insist their patients get the vaccine.

The bottom line is the crusade by public health officials to kill the B. pertussis microbe by adding more and more doses of ineffective vaccines to the child and adult schedule — now even invading the once sacred place of the womb and insisting all pregnant women be vaccinated s a cautionary tale.

As we witness this disease one more time being the topic mass panic and vaccine drives, what has become painfully clear is that the history of mass vaccination has not been driven by hard science transparently shared with the people.

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