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Dry Cleaning Your Clothes Is Worse Than You Think!

It may not be something you or your local dry cleaning services want to hear, but new research shows that dry cleaning isn’t the clean business you’d like to think, as the very chemicals used to get your clothes clean come with a very long rap sheet for endangering your health, increasing your risk of certain cancers and even poisoning you.

As reported by Popular Science, one substance in particular, perchloroethylene, is connected with increased rates of lymphomas and esophagus, kidney, cervix and bladder cancers.


Unfortunately, perchloroethylene is just one component of many cleaners, both industrial and commercially available on store shelves, that can endanger your health. Dry cleaners aside, the typical American home contains three to 10 gallons of toxic materials, all there for the purpose of helping you keep a clean home.

Many of these cleaning chemicals and their vapors are associated with skin symptoms such as redness, itching and skin cancers. Long-term exposure may lead to nervous system damage, low sperm count in men and irregularities in menstruation or miscarriage in women. The most acutely dangerous cleaning products are corrosive drain cleaners, acidic toilet bowl cleaners and oven cleaners.

These chemicals also contribute to air pollution, both inside your home and outside, where they react with nitrogen oxides and heat, transforming into ozone. When exposed to sunlight, they then transform into fine particulate matter, which you then inhale. What’s worse, researchers have found that those who use cleaning sprays as seldom as once a week for 20 years suffer a decline in lung function similar to those who smoke a pack of cigarettes a day!

The good news is you likely already have the best cleaning supplies in your kitchen, in the form of white vinegar, baking soda, castile soap, lemons and coconut oil. The addition of essential oils will help boost cleaning power and provide a fresh scent as well, without risking your health. Discover some of my favorite homemade cleaning solutions in my previous article, “Keep a Clean House With Nontoxic Cleaners.”.

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