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Feeling Brain Dead? You’ll Never Guess What Could Be Causing It

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola

We live in a world where multitasking is considered a job skill and being technology literate is a make-or-break condition of employment. To that end, just knowing how to run an office program on your computer is considered bare-basics; very often you also have to be skilled in navigating at least two — and usually more — apps and social media platforms.

Brain Dead

But what is all this digital technology doing to us? According to Vox, some researchers believe it’s frying our brains with an overload of constant data and nonstop activity. Add in the casual time we spend on our tablets or smartphones and you have a recipe for conditions like attention deficit disorder and disrupted thinking patterns, memory and sleep.

While we could argue all day long about the pros and cons of the digital world — after all, that’s how my own content is disseminated — the one thing we forget is how much power we have over our private usage of our devices. To that end, I believe that avoiding excessive electromagnetic fields (EMFs) should be a goal for us all.

In fact, this is going to be the topic of my next book, when I discuss how this can help optimize your mitochondrial health. Like my latest best-seller, “Fat for Fuel,” which details my metabolic mitochondrial therapy program, I want the book on EMFs to be peer-reviewed by the leading scientists and researchers in the world who understand the truth and are free of industry corruption.

The key is to translate the science into clear and understandable language, and offer practical recommendations on how to remediate the problem, as we are swimming in an invisible ocean of EMFs just about everywhere you go these days. It's near-impossible to avoid microwave exposure completely, but there are ways to reduce it, for sure.

For example, since your cellphone is a major source of EMFs, you can control your exposure by making sure your cellphone is in airplane mode and/or keeping it in a Faraday bag when you’re not using it. Always keep it out of the bedroom while you’re sleeping, and when you do use it, use the speaker phone and hold the phone 3 feet away from you, using a selfie stick.

I've measured the radiation and you decrease your exposure by about 90 percent this way. Another thing you can do is put self-limits on social media usage. Some of us literally are “connected” to some social platform during much of our waking time; cutting back on that time by allowing ourselves to check social media once a day for only 10 minutes could go a long way toward reclaiming both our time and reducing EMF exposures — not to mention reclaiming our brains.

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