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Stuck in a Chair All Day? 6 Steps to Countering Sitting’s Killing Ways

Sitting kills. Standing — and moving — heals. It’s as simple as that: If you want to live longer, you absolutely must get up out of your seat and get moving. But what if you’re stuck in a job that requires you to be at your desk all day?


Good news! Hindustan Times has the answer for how office workers can counter the ills of long-time sitting — and it only entails getting up every 30 minutes and moving around, whether it be a short walk or a few exercises.

The importance of standing more and sitting less can’t be any more clear: Data indicates moving as little as 10 minutes for every hour of sitting may help reduce sitting’s negative effects; ideally you should be sitting no more than three hours each day using correct posture to reduce strain on your lower back and neck.

Here are six strategies that will help you counter sitting’s killing ways:

1. When you do sit, it's important to sit with good posture. This will help reduce problems with lower back pain, wrist strain and other physical challenges associated with poor posture. However, while using good sitting posture is important, it does not negate your need for more movement.

2. Put your computer on a stack of books or a box, and simply stand to work. Better yet, ask your employer to consider supplying sit-stand desks for you and coworkers.

3. When you’re standing, step or march in place.

4. Try the Nitric Oxide Dump. This exercise, which takes only three or four minutes and can be done anywhere, anytime, involves just four movements — squats, alternating arm raises, non-jumping jacks and shoulder presses — which are done in repetitions of 10 with four sets each.

5. Place work accessories just out of reach or even across the room, meaning you’ll have to physically get up and move to get them.

6. Try swapping out your chair for an exercise ball, which requires you to engage your core muscles and helps improve balance and flexibility.

If all else fails and you find yourself in a prolonged sitting situation — fidget! It appears to help offset the mortality risk that comes with excessive sitting.

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