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Los Angeles County Has a Whooping Cough Outbreak. Can You Guess Why?

The headlines for Fox 11 LA are screaming the warning: Highly contagious whooping cough clusters are popping up among students across Los Angeles County in California. The outbreaks are prompting health and school officials to take action to contain them.


But if you read all the way to the bottom of the featured article, you’ll notice that school officials report that only 18 of the 1,600 students in the entire school system have exemptions to opt out of the whooping cough vaccine. Since none of those 18 are sick, it means all of the students affected in this outbreak were vaccinated.

More than 94 percent of kindergarten children have had four to five whooping cough, aka, pertussis, vaccines, but despite this high coverage, whooping cough cases continue to break out and rise in number across the country. In an effort to combat these outbreaks, health officials have continued the same old mantra: Get vaccinated and revaccinated and vaccinated again — oh, and end vaccine exemptions.

This, despite the fact that for nearly two decades, scientists have published evidence showing the ineffectiveness in this vaccine. What’s even more interesting is that so many children, who have had multiple vaccinations are up to date on their vaccines, are coming down with whooping cough anyway.

It’s ludicrous that the only solution health officials can come up with is to vaccinate more, along with eliminating vaccine exemptions. If nothing else, the current California outbreak shows that the vaccinated are more likely to come down with whooping cough than the ones who aren’t.

The truth is the vaccine’s immunity lasts at best two to five years, and even when health officials add more boosters to the schedule, the vaccinated continue to get sick. Another thing — the vaccinated can still transmit the infection, even if they show no symptoms and even if they’ve received as many as six pertussis shots.

On the flip side, if you acquire a pertussis infection, natural immunity is thought to last between seven and 20 years. What this proves is that the illusion of herd immunity through the vaccine is nothing but an illusion — a myth. It’s simply not possible to attain herd immunity through vaccination, even when you compound boosters upon boosters in a futile effort to control a disease that’s going to spread, regardless.

And now that the U.S. Supreme Court has declared FDA licensed vaccines to be "unavoidably unsafe" and handed drug companies a free "get out of jail" pass for vaccine injuries and deaths, it’s starting to look like the goal all along was to eventually bring back the old pertussis vaccine so the vaccine industry never again will have to spend another dime to improve a vaccine the FDA has licensed as "safe."

What’s worse is, after a century of global vaccination, vaccinologists also admit they still don’t understand why and how natural infections or vaccines cause complications that can lead to brain damage and death and they don't know how to accurately identify who is more susceptible to harm.

In the meantime, the vaccinated continue to come down with vaccine “preventable” diseases, while the blame falls on unvaccinated individuals, even when they have no signs of the disease themselves.