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Bottoms Up! How About a Bit of Weed Killer With That Beer?

New research by U.S. Pirg found the weed killer, glyphosate, in 19 of 20 beer and wine samples, leading them to conclude that most U.S. beers and wines sold in the U.S. are contaminated with Roundup, the leading glyphosate product.


Even an organic beer, Samuel Smith Organic was contaminated. Conventional beer brands Coors, Tsingtao and Miller Lite also tested positive. Only Peak Beer “failed” the test by showing zero detectable levels of the herbicide in its samples. In wines, the highest glyphosate levels were found in Sutter Home products. The findings are similar to tests conducted in Germany in 2016, when every single sample tested had glyphosate residues in it.

U.S. Pirg mentioned that The Brewers Association said they “do not want glyphosate on barley or any brewing material, and the barley grower organizations have also come out strongly against glyphosate.”

If you’re feeling like this is déjà vu all over again, you’re not mistaken. It was only a few months ago that investigative journalist Carey Gillam found, through a Freedom of Information Act request, that the FDA testing found glyphosate in virtually all foods tested. Like they did with the U.S. Pirg testing, industry’s response was that you’d have to consume hundreds of the products in question in a single day to have any ill effects from the poison.

But, no one is addressing the possible compounded dangers of consuming glyphosate in all the foods and beverages you eat and drink each day. From cereals to breads, if you eat any processed or ultraprocessed foods at all, you are just about guaranteed to be getting a dose of Roundup in every bite.

Even orange juice contains surprising amounts of glyphosate. As it turns out, weeds in orange groves are managed by spraying glyphosate, which ends up in the oranges as the roots of the orange trees pick it up through the soil. A similar situation is occurring in vineyards, which is why many wines are contaminated.

And if you’re thinking your baby’s food at least is safe, think again: Glyphosate has even been detected in PediaSure Enteral Formula nutritional drink, given to infants and children via feeding tubes.

Examples of foods with detectable levels of glyphosate that your children may be eating include Quaker Dinosaur Eggs instant oatmeal, Cheerios cereal, Nature Valley granola bars, Quaker steel cut oats and Back to Nature Classic Granola.

Since the list of contaminated foods, which goes on and on, also contains some organic brands, the only question left to ask is what can you do to stop ingesting weed killer with every bite?

The answer is, first, don’t discount organic foods — just be more astute at reading labels and becoming “brand aware.” While many grocery stores now carry organic foods, it's preferable to source yours from local growers whenever possible, as much of the organic food sold in grocery stores is imported.

Then, when you’re at the store, to minimize the risks to your family, consider buying only certified organic produce and certified grass fed animal products. For help with knowing which ones those are, has resources, as well as the American Grassfed Association, Grassfed Exchange and Local Harvest, to name a few.

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