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9 Healing Benefits of a Fruit That Could Take Your Blood Pressure Drug’s Place

If you’re tired of taking pills to lower your blood pressure or worrying whether your pills will be recalled because a cancer-causing agent has been found in them, then you may be happy to hear that an exotic, potassium-rich fruit might work just as well as the drugs, Express reports.

Passion fruit

Put plainly, added to a change in lifestyle and eating habits, a tasty pomegranate could be your next BFF for BP. Besides potassium, pomegranates contain impressive amounts of antioxidants that may boost not only your heart health, but your brain health, as well as protect your bones and lower your risk of diseases like cancer.

They also have significant anti-inflammatory properties that may help relieve joint pain, arthritis and gastrointestinal issues. More specifically, they:

1. Improve heart health by working to clear blockages in carotid arteries as much as 30 percent, while lowering systolic blood pressure and improving blood flow

2. Improve symptoms of depression

3. Reduce your risk of cancer by inhibiting cell proliferation and invasion, and to promote apoptosis (cell death) in various cancer cells

4. Protect against osteoporosis with its anti-inflammatory effects. Pomegranate extract was found to be potentially useful for treating bone loss associated with these conditions

5. Have other potent anti-inflammatory properties that not only are useful in your gastrointestinal tract, but might even serve as a nutritional strategy to help slow the progression of neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s

6. May reduce symptoms of joint pain by blocking the production of a cartilage-destroying enzyme

7. May improve erectile dysfunction

8. Can help boost memory and cognitive and behavioral impairments through its flavonoids

9. May fight bacterial and fungal infections with its potent antimicrobial properties

As you can see, the health benefits of pomegranates are numerous. But, they’re also low in saturated fat and cholesterol and an excellent source of vitamin C. Pomegranates also have healthy amounts of fiber to help keep your system regulated, and are one of the fruits nutritionists suggest for weight loss and cholesterol level control.

If you need another reason to try this fruit, Swiss scientists found an element in pomegranates with promising potential to slow the effects of aging. The breakthrough catapulted pomegranates into superfood status and earned the focus of at least one biotech company eager to take advantage of the data.

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