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What is Erythritol?

It’s no secret that sugar can have devastating effects on your health. The more you consume, the more you put yourself at risk for obesity, diabetes, tooth decay, accelerated aging, poor immunity and heart disease, among other serious health issues. Cutting it out of your diet is often easier said than done, thanks to sugar’s highly addictive properties. In an effort to help curb sugar cravings and reduce consumption, researchers came up with a plan: artificial sweeteners.


While low-calorie and zero-calorie options are enticing to many consumers, studies show that artificial sweeteners like sucralose — aka Splenda — can increase your risk of numerous health issues, including cancer. Erythritol is another popular option in the sweetener market. It’s a sugar alcohol derived from fermenting the glucose of cornstarch, resulting in fewer calories and a taste that’s slightly less sweet than regular sugar. Erythritol is one of the main ingredients in the well-known sweetener product Truvia. Unfortunately, sugar alcohols also come with dangerous side effects.

Erythritol is not digested or metabolized once consumed. Instead, it enters the bloodstream and is largely excreted in your urine. Studies show the sugar alcohol is rapidly absorbed in the small intestine, and only about 10 percent of the consumed amount enters the colon. Erythritol can be a dangerous choice, especially for diabetics who choose “sugar-free” items and believe the product contains zero traces of any type of sugar. Sugar alcohols are commonly used in “sugar-free” products. When a diabetic consumes these products, their blood sugar levels can rise and contribute to elevated glucose levels.

Even for those who aren’t diabetic, sugar alcohols can lead to unwanted side effects. Consumption may cause various digestive problems, including flatulence, bloating and diarrhea.

If you’re looking for a healthy sugar substitute, skip the artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols, and try something natural instead. Stevia is a plant known for its incredibly sweet-tasting leaves. When used in moderation, stevia may help promote a healthy weight, fight harmful bacteria, help regulate blood pressure and even help manage diabetes. Luo han guo is another great natural sweetener option. It’s a sweet fruit from China that’s packed with vitamin C and offers anti-inflammatory properties. Even with natural sweeteners, remember to always use in moderation.

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