6 Reasons Why You Should Book a Massage Today

When it comes to pain management, it seems that too many people are too quick to grab a bottle of pills to find relief. Whether it’s back pain, headaches, bone and muscle pain, fibromyalgia or something else, it’s important to realize that medication is not your only option for pain relief. Massage therapy offers pain relief for many different conditions, on top of plenty of other little-known benefits. If you’re dealing with pain or you’ve simply been looking for an excuse to book a massage, here are six reasons why you should try massage therapy:

  1. Massage therapy provides pain relief

    Massage therapy can be used for various types of pain, including muscle and bone pain, headaches, deep internal pain, fibromyalgia and spinal cord pain. It provides the benefit of pain relief, without the fear of dangerous side effects.

  2. Massage therapy helps reduce stress

    Studies have shown that in addition to relieving pain, massage therapy also helps reduce stress and anxiety and improve health-related quality of life. It affects the nervous system through the nerve endings in the skin, stimulating the release of “feel good” endorphins that help induce a sense of relaxation and well-being.

  3. Massage therapy lowers inflammation

    When researchers examined study participants who had received massage therapy for exercise-induced muscle damage, they found that massage was able to reduce inflammation.

  4. Massage therapy boosts your immune system

    Massage increases circulating lymphocytes, a form of white blood cells that are especially prevalent in the lymphatic system. Lymphatic massage specifically helps boost the immune system by improving the function of the lymphatic system, which produced, stores and carries the white blood cells your body uses to fight off infections and disease.

  5. Massage therapy helps reduce spasms and cramping

    Injured and overworked muscles have a tendency to spasm and cramp, causing pain and discomfort. Massage therapy can help relax and soften these muscles to prevent spasms and cramping.

  6. Massage therapy can help improve flexibility

By easing stiff muscles and joints, massage therapy helps improve mobility and flexibility. This may be especially beneficial for those who suffer from arthritis or muscle injuries.