NY Judge Lifts Ban on Unvaccinated Minors from Public Places

A state judge ruled against a New York county’s ban on unvaccinated minors from public places, issuing an injunction on the ban after it had been in effect for 10 days. Judge Rolf Thorsen ruled that unvaccinated children were permitted to return to their schools and assemble in public places immediately.


Rockland County had issued the measles “emergency” order to ban unvaccinated minors from public schools and other public areas in an effort to stop the spread of measles. The ban was put into place in response to an outbreak of 166 confirmed cases of measles since October. Families in Rockland County argued against the ban, saying it was a violation of constitutional provisions and was having a large financial impact on families who had no choice but to homeschool their children.

New York families can currently claim a religious exemption from vaccination rules, but some lawmakers are looking to change that. In 2015, California eliminated the same exemption. Rockland County executive Ed Day said the county had around 500 vaccinations since the ban was put in place, raising the vaccinated rate to around 93%, up from 72%.

Besides the ban, constitutional rights are being infringed upon in other remarkably blatant ways these days: A SWAT team was sent to break down the door of a home in another state where parents were caring for an unvaccinated child with a high fever after a doctor reported the child should have been taken to a hospital; legislators in several states have introduced bills to suspend the legal right of parents to make medical risk decisions for their minor children and allow doctors instead to get "informed consent" from the young children themselves; a pediatrician-politician in California is lobbying for a law that will give state health department officials the power to deny a medical exemption written by a child's physician.

Even if you are not affected right now by the forced vaccination dragnet sweeping across the nation, rest assured, if this trend is allowed to continue, in time you will be caught in its net as well, if in the future you decline even one of the dozens of government recommended vaccinations for yourselves or your children.

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