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Honoring Your Mom’s Memory on Mother’s Day

Being a mother is no small feat. In fact, it’s one of the toughest yet most important jobs in the world and too many are guilty of forgetting to say “thank you” on a regular basis. While showing love and appreciation toward your mom should happen more than once a year, Mother’s Day is a yearly reminder of just how special mom is.

While Mother’s Day is often full of love and joy, it can also be filled with grief for those who are missing a loved one. If you are mourning a loss this Mother’s Day and can’t be with your mother, consider celebrating her life in ways she would have surely loved.

  1. Do something your mom enjoyed

    Whether it was playing cards, shopping or taking a walk through the park, think about your mom’s favorite activities and make time for them on Mother’s Day, to celebrate her memory.

  2. Complete one of her goals

    Mother’s Day is the perfect time to complete a project mom may have left unfinished, no matter how big or small. From organizing the pantry to planting flowers or knitting a sweater, spend some time completing a task you know would mean a lot to her.

  3. Talk about her

    Grief comes in different forms, but if you’re comfortable talking about your mother, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to share stories with your friends and family members to celebrate her life.

  4. Enjoy her favorite music, movies and books

    Is there a certain song that makes you think of your mother? If so, don’t hesitate to play it on repeat. Pop in her favorite movie or flip through a book she loved, just for her.

  5. Make her favorite food

Smell is your most powerful sense. It can bring back memories like nothing else can. Make a grocery store trip for all of the ingredients you need, whip up mom’s favorite dish and enjoy it in her memory.

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