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Top 12 Drinks and Soups for Managing High Blood Pressure Levels

Are you looking for a way to deal with high blood pressure levels without burning a hole in your pocket? You’re in luck, because you can address this health issue by making simple but healthier food choices! These eight teas and juices not only are refreshing, but they also can help alleviate high blood pressure levels:


  • Hibiscus tea — This tea is loaded with anthocyanins and other antioxidants. One study showed that adults who were at risk for high blood pressure reported improvements after drinking three servings of red hibiscus tea daily for six weeks.
  • Green tea It’s one of the richest sources of powerful plant-based polyphenols. This may be why, in another study, people had lower blood pressure levels after drinking four cups of green tea daily for two weeks.
  • Hawthorne berry tea — Drinking three cups of Hawthorne berry tea every day may help you alleviate high blood pressure and boost kidney health, since it also has diuretic properties.
  • Olive leaf tea — Olive leaf tea may aid in lowering high blood pressure levels and maintaining healthy levels of it in just eight weeks.
  • Pomegranate juice — As little as 2 ounces of pomegranate juice may reduce high blood pressure levels, regulate cholesterol levels and reduce arterial plaques.
  • Beet root juiceBeet root juice contains inorganic nitrates that may help relax and open your arteries, lowering your risk for high blood pressure.
  • Celery juice — Juicing two to four celery stalks daily can be advantageous since it contains a compound called 3-n-butylphtalide, or phthalide, that can assist in relaxing smooth muscles in your blood vessel walls, promoting easier blood flow.
  • Pineapple juice — Regularly drinking pineapple juice may aid in optimizing your blood pressure levels because it contains a good proportion of the heart-healthy nutrients potassium and sodium. Just remember that pineapple juice is full of fructose, so moderation is best if you choose this juice.

If you prefer a hearty bowl of soup instead, not to worry: These four delicious choices make use of healthy ingredients that can provide vital benefits for your blood pressure as well:


  • Gazpacho soup — Tomatoes, cucumbers and green peppers are the star of this dish, along with garlic and olive oil. A study showed that Hispanics who struggle with heart disease were less likely to have high blood pressure levels when they consume gazpacho frequently .
  • Chicken soup — Homemade chicken soup contains chemicals called ACE inhibitors that may help lessen muscle and blood vessel tension.
  • Onion soup — Prostaglandin A in onions may assist in restraining the substance responsible for high blood pressure and offer multiple benefits to your blood vessels. The plant pigment quercetin, which is in onion skin, also can aid in inhibiting arterial clogging and high blood pressure.
  • Mung bean soup — Mung beans have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that may work in addressing high blood pressure, and may be effective in regulating your lipid metabolism.

While these soups and beverages can be helpful with managing your blood pressure levels, remember that they aren’t meant to be the “cure” to this problem. Read “Top Foods to Help Lower Blood Pressure”  for more diet tips to help address this common health issue.

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