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5 Early Signs of Cancer in Men


It’s International Men’s Health Week, which brings up a serious and all too common health issue many men are faced with: cancer. Many times, cancer offers no signs or symptoms and a simple checkup can leave you blindsided. Other times, your body attempts to send warning signs, hoping that you realize something isn’t quite right. By being able to recognize common signs of cancer, you may be able to catch it early and receive a hopeful prognosis. Here are five symptoms that may signal cancer in men:

  1. Bowel changes

    While the occasional upset stomach usually isn’t something to worry about, frequent changes in bowel habits may be a different story. Irregularities and disturbances that occur on a regular basis may be an early sign of colon cancer or rectal cancer.

  2. Urinary changes

    Changes in urinary habits often signal a urinary tract infection, but they can also be more serious. Possible signs of prostate cancer in men include inability to urinate, straining during urination, urinary leaks, delayed urination and urinary incontinence. Blood in urine should always be checked immediately by a health care professional.

  3. Back pain

    A vast majority of adults suffer from back pain for various reasons, but persistent back pain could possibly be a sign of prostate cancer, which can spread to the bones and cause pain in the hips and lower back.

  4. Testicular lumps

    Testicular lumps may be a sign of testicular cancer and should be checked immediately by a health care professional.

  5. Rectal bleeding

In some cases, anemia and iron deficiency can cause rectal bleeding. But it can also be a sign of cancer. Rectal bleeding and blood in stools should always be checked immediately by a health care professional.

Early detection of cancer could save your life. Be aware of the possible signs and symptoms and keep an eye out for any odd or unexplained changes in your body. Remember: Prevention is key. Certain factors like smoking, using chewing tobacco, being sedentary, being overweight and eating a poor diet can significantly raise your risk of cancer, along with many other health issues. Take care of your body and pay close attention to it — if something’s off, there’s a good chance it will try to let you know. 

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