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Why Wellness in the Workplace Matters

If you ask a co-worker, friend or family member how work is going, there’s a good chance the responses you’ll get will include words like, “busy,” “stressed out” and “overwhelmed.” A workplace survey conducted by the American Psychological Association reported that many Americans suffer from chronic-work related stress.


In fact, 38% of employees in one survey said their work environments have gotten so bad they can’t stop thinking about problems related to emotional, health, financial and job concerns. In the United States, this busyness is valued. Workers are expected to be available after hours and on weekends to answer emails and do whatever it takes to get the job done. But there’s no doubt it’s taking a toll on mental health.

When employees are run down and chronically sick due to stress, no one wins. That’s why it’s so important for companies, both large and small, to implement practices in the workplace that encourage and support healthy lifestyle choices. If your company is lacking in the “wellness in the workplace” department, don’t be afraid to speak up. Simple tools that can help support a healthy workplace environment — both physically and mentally — include:

  1. Fitness programs

    An on-site gym can greatly benefit employees and encourage them to stay on top of their health and fitness. If it’s not possible to have a gym on-site, a paid off-site gym membership provides many of the same benefits.

  2. Healthy workplace food choices

    If the only food your workplace offers is sitting in an outdated vending machine, it’s time for your employers to step it up. Catered healthy lunches can help boost morale and productivity. Small steps toward healthier workplace food choices include providing organic tea and coffee for employees and replacing processed food and soda vending machines with sparkling/mineral water, nuts, dried fruits and other healthier choices.

  3. Mental and emotional tuneups

There are plenty of on-site health clinics that offer chiropractic care, physical therapy, chair massages and more. Bringing these specialists into the workplace every now and then can help provide employees with a mental, physical and emotional tuneup.

If you’re on the verge of burnout, take a step back from your office duties and focus on your health. Stress-busting tips include exercise, spending time in nature, breathing exercises, a healthy diet, spending time with friends or family members and meditating. Remember: Regardless of your job description, your health should always come first.

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