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Watch out: Plastics found in cookie packaging

Cookies are one of those favorite snack time treats that puts a smile on the faces of kids and kids at heart. However, you may want to be extra cautious and check what goes into some of your favorite cookies’ packaging — your smile might turn into a frown.


Some batches of Entenmann’s Little Soft Baked Cookies (five-pack Mini Chocolate Chip variety) have been voluntary recalled by their manufacturer, Bimbo Bakeries USA Inc. According to the FDA, which posted the announcement on their website August 1, pieces of blue plastic were found inside the cookies’ individual packaging pouches.

The cookies have already been recalled in 37 states. The products had a UPC Code of 7203002378 (found on the lower right hand corner at the back of the box), a lot code of 1350 (on the left of the box top) and a “Best By” date of either August 31, 2019, or September 7, 2019, (on the top of the box). No other Entenmann’s products were affected by the recall, since the cookies in question were made on a separate production line.

Although the plastic pieces weren’t technically baked into the cookies — as they were believed to have infiltrated the products during the packaging process — take note they can still be a potential choking hazard, especially to young children, who are likely to snack on these sweet treats. Thankfully, there have been no reports of injuries related to eating the cookies or plastic pieces so far.

How the plastic pieces ultimately found their way into the cookies’ packaging remains a mystery, but incidents like these should make you rethink your snacking habits and the risks that may come with them.

Packaged cookies are highly processed and contain high amounts of sugar that can damage your health. Overindulging in unhealthy snacks like these are some of the primary factors of skyrocketing obesity and disease rates.

If you're really craving delicious cookies, skip these processed varieties, and make your own batch at home instead. You can follow these recipes for real food cookies or no-bake keto-friendly cookies, ideal for indulging on your own or sharing with your family and friends. Who knows — these healthy cookies may become your new favorite snack!

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