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It's Mercola's 22nd anniversary!

Something special is coming! This week marks’s 22nd anniversary, thanks to you! Dr. Mercola graduated medical school in 1982, then finished his residency and opened his private practice in 1985, where he had the privilege of treating over 20,000 patients. In 1997, was born.


These days, Dr. Mercola devotes his time to researching and sharing health topics he is passionate about, to provide you with all of the information you need to help you take control of your health. To help celebrate this milestone, you can enter to win a special gift of Mercola CBD oil, magnesium, krill oil, sunscreen or a vitamin D and omega-3 test kit.

As always, your feedback is heard and appreciated. Thank you for being part of Here’s to taking control of your health, and another 22 years!