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Amazon’s Bestselling Hemp Contains CBD, Despite No CBD Policy

According to Amazon’s official policy, the sale of hemp products containing CBD is prohibited. Despite the fact, entering “CBD” in the search bar will provide you with over 10,000 results, with products ranging from hemp oil, capsules and gummies to hemp cream and salve for pain relief. In an effort to uphold their mission of empowering consumers to make conscious choices when it comes to natural and organic products, the Organic & Natural Health Association took Amazon’s bestselling hemp product, New Age Premium Hemp Oil, and hired an independent third-party lab to test the product and determine whether or not it contains CBD. The lab found that the hemp oil contained 1% of CBD — 7.7 mg per 30 drops.


Karen Howard, CEO and executive director of Organic & Natural Health, said, “It’s really important for consumers to know that because Amazon doesn’t allow the sale of products with CBD, there are no reputable companies selling CBD on their site.” She continued, “Amazon allows companies to tag products with whatever words they choose and they also allow them to purchase CBD ads. This is what populates so-called CBD products on Amazon when consumers search for them, but it’s very misleading. Amazon is not a retailer you should be making quality CBD purchases from, and if you do, then you are likely overpaying for low quality supplements.”

Howard said the Organic & National Health Association began looking into the CBD products available on Amazon when they found out the company was prohibiting reputable supplement companies from selling CBD products on their website. If a product is listed as full spectrum hemp oil or CBD/cannabinoid, it gets rejected. However, thousands of products with CBD tagging and advertising are still getting through.

Howard explained, “So basically, Amazon states it has banned the sale of CBD supplements on its site, but allows advertising and tagging of CBD instead, inviting an influx of products to consumers that the FDA has been warning about. Essentially, the public is being defrauded twice. First, Amazon’s bestseller, New Age Premium Hemp Oil contains CBD even though its label does not list CBD. Second, those searching for CBD products are being misled into buying products containing zero CBD.”