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20 Resolutions for a Healthy 2020


It’s that time again — have you decided on your New Year’s resolution? For many people, New Year’s resolutions center around health. Exercising more often and sticking to a cleaner diet are two popular resolutions people make going forward into the new year. But if you’re already on track with a healthy diet and workout regimen, and you’re searching for a resolution that can help you become a healthier you in 2020, here are 20 resolutions to consider:

  1. Improve your blood pressure
  2. Follow the Ketofast protocol
  3. Get energized with enzymes
  4. Improve your liver health
  5. Limit the lectins and oxalates in your diet
  6. Increase your magnesium intake
  7. Switch to non-toxic cleaning products
  8. Eat more anti-inflammatory foods
  9. Properly filter your water
  10. Reduce your EMF exposure
  11. Increase your astaxanthin intake
  12. Boost your collagen production naturally
  13. Get a healthy amount of sleep
  14. Eliminate Google from your life
  15. Gain a clearer perspective with healthy eyes
  16. Optimize your adrenal support
  17. Try blood flow restriction training
  18. Fight autoimmune disease
  19. Increase bone health and combat osteoporosis
  20. Care what you wear

For a more in-depth look at these 20 steps to help you take control of your health and become a healthier you in 2020, download the 20 Resolutions for 2020 resolution guide.