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Finally--A City Bans Soda in Schools

Earlier this year the American Academy of Pediatrics advised that soda should be banned from schools.
I just learned this morning that last month Philadelphia school officials were the first to officially ban the sale of carbonated soft drinks in their schools. Starting in July, only milk, water, fruit juice and the occasional sports drink will be available from most of the district's 740 vending machines and in its cafeterias. Kudos to school officials who estimated they will lose $500,000 a year from dropping the soda sales.

Schools have been peddling junk food to kids for some time now. Many of them are taking in millions of dollars from contracts with these companies and are essentially exchanging the health of the kids at their schools for money. Soda is one of the five worst foods that you could possibly give to your children. It is full of dangers. If you have any opportunity to be active in your school community please take heed of what is possible from the Philadelphia experience. Folks, we CAN make a difference! February 5, 2004

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