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Rumsfeld Nutrasweet Folleys Now Hurt US Troops

Most of you have no idea that it was Donald Rumsfeld who served as the president of GD Searle in the 80s and was the pivotal reason that Nutrasweet was able to get approved. Attorney Jim Turner was able to nearly single handedly keep it off the market for 11 years until Searle hired Rumsfeld to skirt through the politics of the FDA and get it approved so they could earn billions of dollars.

Now Rumsfeld is doing it again, result: Not so sweet misery for our troops!

Soldiers confronted Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld yesterday with complaints that the Pentagon was sending them to war without enough armored equipment to protect them. Rumsfeld is "again" under-fire for placing our troops at risk while under-fire. Rumsfeld is responsible for again making poor manufacturing judgment calls currently related to types of metals on military Humvee vehicles. The US under his direction has reportedly been outsourcing off-shore poor quality metals in comparison to more expensive and available US armored metals due to price (vs. using IL armored mfg. firm that is currently underutilized).

Many of our military deaths in Iraq are believed by our military ground troops to be due to missing armorment on these vehicles that now result in the field troops in having to find and place scrap metal on the sides of these vehicles.

Thanks to Rumsfeld all of you are put at risk due to Rumsfeld's previous political moves years ago when he was the CEO for Searle (NutraSweet manufacturer); laws that still effect and kill hundreds of Americans every year to this day protect manufactures but not unsuspecting consumers who consume most artificial sweetners.

Have you seen the Sweet Misery DVD that could save your entire family from harm? If not I could not encourage you more as it will give you all the details as to why aspartame is harmful and actually shows footage of Rumsfeld while at Searle and claiming that Nutrasweet was safe when, in fact, it wasn't.

Should "The Donald" finally get fired for his irresponsible support of big business (like the drug company support over human saftey)?

What if President Bush received one of the Sweet Misery DVD's that shows Donald Rumsfeld's prior unacceptable behavior (if anyone knows how to get a copy to President Bush let our customer support staff know, what might be President Bush's actions? His Dad George Bush often said: "Read my lips!" Will George W do just that?

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