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How to Successfully Cut in Line

Have you ever had to cut into an existing line waiting for, let's say, a movie? If the need arises, be sure to choose wisely, according to a new study. Look for someone who looks kind and gentle, ask for their permission and make sure you have a good reason for making the cut.

The interesting facet the study doesn't review in depth: Giving people a reason why you're cutting in front of them dramatically usually reduces the likelihood they'll object to it. And, as the study confirms, you'll only have to do it for one person. If you can convince that person directly behind you, there is very little likelihood anyone else behind them will object.

And, if the person directly behind the cutter doesn't object, this often means he KNOWS the cutter, and this often means he was HOLDING the space in line for them. Going back to the movie example, say a friend parks the car while you wait in line for tickets. This is much more acceptable to most people than if someone just wantonly cuts in front of you, justifiably or not.

Also, be sure no one else is cutting in line at the same time either, as your likelihood of facing objections will increase dramatically!

Tasty Research September 21, 2006

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