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Fast Food Nation: The Movie Debuts Friday in Theatres

After more than a year of waiting impatiently, the feature film version of Eric Schlosser's best-selling non-fiction book Fast Food Nation finally comes to movie theatres this Friday.

This interesting San Francisco Chronicle piece linked below explains the reason for the many delays: Schlosser refused every idea producers and documentary filmmakers threw at him -- thankfully even one to convert Fast Food Nation into a musical. Most requests, linked to a TV broadcast, were out of the question, because Schlosser, the son of a former NBC president, knew all too well how the message of the book would be compromised to please advertisers.

Instead, the movie that opens this weekend is a fictionalized version of the book written by Schlosser, directed by Richard Linklater and independently financed, partly by the Participant Productions, the group behind Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth, the former vice president's searing take on global warming.

From all descriptions, the fictional "Mickey's" on display in the film is every bit like McDonald's, the king of all fast food restaurants, right down to their non-nutritional food standards. Hard to believe a multi-national corporation like McDonald's can't master the simple task of switching their fried food menus over from trans fats to safer cooking substances.

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