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Which Are The Germiest Spots In Your House?

The science of hygiene continues to evolve. NSF international has conducted a series of studies to pinpoint where the most pathogens reside. Nutrition Action examined the most recent of these and answered the question of which spot in the house has the most germs. It may come as no surprise that dish sponges had the greatest concentration, "sponges come into contact with food residues that can build up in them and that provide nutrients for bacteria and other microorganisms to grow."

At face value, determining which area of the house is most likely to harbor pathogens is a reasonable endeavor. The danger of such studies is that they can be used to fan the flames of germophobic hysteria. Outmoded and superstitious beliefs about hygiene have made the world a more dangerous place. The FDA recently banned 19 ingredients from hand soap, including the highly dangerous triclosan. This is a step in the right direction but a great deal of damage has been done. An obsession with the dangers of germs and an overuse of toxic cleaning supplies has spurred the spread of antibiotic resistant superbugs.