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Crash-Test Dummies Are Fatter - Just like Many Americans

People, pets and now crash test dummies are getting fatter every year. CNN reports that the crash test dummy manufacturer Humanetics has developed two new models, one of which tips the scales at 273 lbs. There is a utilitarian purpose for these massive mannequins, the average US woman is obese and weighs as much as the average man did in the 1960s.

The change in crash test dummy technology is just another example of how the obesity epidemic is impacting the world. Engineers have been forced to adapt to a population that is far larger physically but far weaker in terms of optimal fitness. 

Worse still, the trend shows no sign of abating. Childhood obesity rates are shaping an ominous future where the norm is to be ravaged by diseases like diabetes. The specter of widespread cradle to grave disease is a minatory one but also one that can be addressed with simple lifestyle changes.

The obesity crisis can be reversed with physical exercise and an ideal diet. I recommend following my lead and adopting the tenets of my nutrition plan. It has been crafted to help beginners and experts alike. The foundation of this plan is to avoid all processed foods. Instead you should consume only nourishing whole foods.

I also recommend high-intensity interval training (HIIT). It is an extremely effective and efficient fitness program. Four minutes of exercise just a few times a week is all that is needed to engage in a high-intensity interval type training that could significantly improve your health.
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