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Can Coconut Oil Really Boost Your Health?

Over the course of the last several years, the benefits of healthy fats have obtained a near universal acceptance. The tired canards and misinformation about the dangers of fats have been roundly debunked by cutting edge nutritional science. tried to upend the coconut oil bandwagon in their recent feature on superfoods. They need to get their facts straight and reconsider the many uses and benefits of coconut oil. Our long-time readers are well acquainted with healthy fats but apparently they missed the memo. The powers of coconut oil have been well known for centuries. 

Consider for a moment the regions of the world where coconut oil is a dietary staple. It's clear there's a difference, medically speaking, between the inhabitants of those areas and those of the so-called "enlightened" first-world countries. 

The coconut is a dietary staple for Polynesian populations such as those in Tokelau and Pukapuka. A study examined their high saturated fat intake. Researchers found that vascular disease is uncommon in both populations and there is no evidence of the high saturated fat intake having a harmful effect.

Another study focused on the Kitevan people in New Guinea, whose coconut heavy diet is untarnished by the food habits of the Western world. None of the study subjects reported arterial disease, stroke, sudden death, weakness, brain diseases, or chest pain related to heavy lifting. 

The obvious conclusion is that rather than being sick, weak and diseased, these populations have benefited from a healthful diet anchored by healthy fats. We would be wise to follow their lead and I recommend my nutrition plan as an excellent starting point. It has been crafted to help beginners and experts alike. The foundation of this plan is to avoid all processed foods. Instead you should consume only nourishing whole foods.
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