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Taking Vitamin D During Pregnancy Could Reduce Autism Risk, Studies Find

In another affirmation of the role vitamin D plays in a healthy body, new research indicates that maintaining proper levels of vitamin D while you’re pregnant may reduce the threat of your baby being born with autism. According to, the study found that mothers of autistic children had significant vitamin D deficiency.

As more and more evidence pours in on the importance of vitamin D in your body, it just seems sensible to listen to a public health campaign aimed at raising global awareness about the importance of optimal vitamin D levels for women's and children's health. This campaign cites research showing that 4,000 international units (IUs) of vitamin D3 per day appears to be an ideal amount for pregnant women.

That said, your requirement may be higher or lower depending on your current status, so please make sure you get your vitamin D level tested — ideally before you get pregnant and routinely during pregnancy and breastfeeding — and take whatever amount of vitamin D3 you need to reach and maintain a level of 40 to 60 ng/mL. Certainly, it should be no lower than 40 ng/mL.

With an estimated 41.6 percent of the U.S. general population being vitamin D deficient, GrassrootsHealth suggests adults need about 8,000 IUs per day to achieve a serum level of 40 ng/ml. If you do opt for a supplement, please remember you also need to boost your intake of vitamin K2 through food and/or a supplement.
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