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Cancer-Fighting Immunotherapy Recommended for FDA Approval

CNN reports that a tailored immunotherapy drug has been recommended for approval by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Despite safety concerns, it has been endorsed as a drug of last resort for leukemia patients who have been failed by existing drugs.

Immunotherapy drugs are considered the latest and greatest breakthrough in conventional cancer treatment. The drug submitted for approval, tisagenlecleucel, is an example of chimeric antigen receptor technology (CAR-T). This approach to cancer treatment has raised a great deal of hope, and an equal measure of concern. 

Advocates of these drugs argue that they are quite effective at attacking and destroying malignant cells, but they can also take a toll on healthy tissues and organs. This leaves many patients struggling for their lives. Cytokine release syndrome (CRS) is one of the most dangerous side effects CAR-T treatments.  

Cancer is largely a metabolic, not a genetic disease, and not all treatments will work for all cancers. That said, I believe great strides will be made — even for hard-to-treat cancers — once the metabolic underpinnings of cancer become more widely recognized.

It is profoundly tragic that the current focus is to employ genetically engineered immune cells to combat cancer, unleashing what amounts to an uncontrolled cytokine storm in the body, when addressing cancer metabolism can be done without harmful side effects.

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