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Hookah: 4 Reasons to Hold Your Breath on That


If you’re smoking a hookah pipe, or if you’ve been thinking about trying it, Sunday Times is suggesting four good reasons to hold your breath on that. While the article focuses on hookah pipe smoking, it could be applied to vaping too. Here’s the lowdown:

1. Studies show hookah pipe smoking may increase your risk of diabetes, as well as contribute to weight gain.

2. Pipe smoking is worse than cigarettes. With hookah, most people will be smoking more in a single session than they would with several cigarettes, making your inhalation of toxic compounds in one session even greater.

3. Hookah smoking can increase your chances of cancer. In fact — going along with Reason No. 2 — pipe smokers will inhale around 100 puffs before they’re done, while it takes about 10 puffs to get through a single combustible cigarette.

4. You might get herpes if you share your pipe with someone else (or give them herpes if you’re the one who’s got it).

As world health agencies press for folks to give up combustible cigarettes, you’re going to be seeing more and more articles like this, as the alternative that the tobacco industry offers you is NOT the healthier way to go, no matter what they say.

From the e-cig angle, recent data suggest that the vaporized liquid not only increases inflammation in your lungs, but also damages your lung cells, increasing your risk for COPD, a chronic lung disease.

Four other reasons not to start vaping include:

1. Vaping may lead to smoking traditional cigarettes or resorting to other tobacco products — the very thing you’re supposed to be trying to avoid by vaping. In one study, students who had vaped by the time they reached ninth grade were more likely than others to start smoking combustible cigarettes within the following year.

2. Vaping is as addictive as cigarettes — Many e-cigarette liquids use flavor, found to induce early signs of cardiovascular disease leading to heart attack, stroke and even death, as an “enhancement” to your vaping experience. The thing is, e-cigs still deliver nicotine, an addictive substance in and of itself, but the addition of flavors may be all it takes to hook you forever.

3. Toxic heavy metals have been found e-cig vapor — Studies show that the liquid itself may have lower heavy metal levels, but once it turns to vapor, researchers found a significant number of e-cigs generated aerosol with unsafe levels of lead, nickel, chromium and manganese.

4. If you’re looking to quit tobacco, e-cigs don’t help — E-cigarette advocates claim vaping can help you quit tobacco, but they don't tell you the whole story. The bottom line is it’s not necessary to inhale additional chemicals or continue a physical action to quit smoking. In a major review of the medical evidence, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force did not find sufficient evidence to recommend using e-cigarettes as a method of helping people to quit smoking. 

Unfortunately, not only does the research not support the use of e-cigarettes to help quitting, scientists have also found that people continue to smoke and use regular cigarettes, just adding another nicotine delivery system to their routine.

Think about it: Most of the major U.S. tobacco companies have created electronic cigarette products. It would be business suicide to believe the tobacco industry would develop and market a product they believe would damage their company profits.

E-cigarette companies claim their products are safer than traditional cigarettes and offer a real-world trade-off for the dangers associated with combustible cigarettes. However, these trade-offs come with real world consequences.

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