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Try The Newest Version of Firefox Free

After many months of beta testing and much tinkering, Mozilla has finally released the newest version of its wonderful Firefox Web browser (1.5) a year and more than 100 million downloads later.

So it shouldn't surprise anybody, Firefox heads the "100 Best Products of 2005" list released last week by PC World. And, even better, it's free.

Aside from all the security breaches that have rendered Microsoft's virus-plagued Internet Explorer nearly useless, the PC World piece reminded me about the next-best reason to make Firefox your new Internet browser today: Tabbed browsing that enables you to search multiple Web sites in one window.

A reminder: If you use Microsoft Office or the Windows operating system, you'll need Internet Explorer to access them. But for the virtually everything else, Firefox is your best bet for safe and uncomplicated Internet browsing.

http://www.pcworld.com/reviews/article/0,aid,118959,00.asp#PC World December 15, 2005

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