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Finally Healthier Chickens Are Easier to Get at the Grocery Store

For those of you concerned about affordable healthy eating, here's some good news: Four major chicken producers -- Tyson, Perdue, Foster and Gold Kist -- have almost completely banned the use of low-dose growth antibiotics.

Sounds a bit too altruistic for big business, doesn't it? Producers claim the move is connected with developing hardier breeds. I suspect, however, it probably has much more to do with making profits, as more fast-food companies -- McDonald's, Panera Bread and Arby's -- have stopped buying antibiotic-laden chickens anyway.

It's well past time livestock producers made the switch, considering the needless overexposure to antibiotics kills both the good and bad bacteria. Nevertheless, those healthier chickens are still fed pesticide-laden grains, and rarely have the opportunity to eat anything resembling natural, which is why organic is still the way to go.

Just a reminder, chicken is a great food for families, no matter what nutritional type you are. Protein types benefit best from eating dark meat, whereas carb types do better with white meat and mixed types, no surprise, can go either way.

USA Today January 24, 2006

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