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Diabetes and Depo Provera

Add an higher risk of diabetes among Latino women who once experienced gestational diabetes to the growing list of problems associated with the popular contraceptive-by-injection, Depo Provera.

Researchers tracked the health of more than 500 Hispanic women who used oral contraceptives or Depo Provera over a span of nine years. The annualized rate of diabetes among Depo Provera users was 19 percent, close to twice as many as those using oral contraceptives.

Moreover, women with trigylceride levels higher than the median as well as ones who breastfed their babies more than doubled their risk of diabetes by using Depo Provera.

No big surprise Depo Provera is so risky, considering it's also associated with bone loss and a greater risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

But don't think oral contraceptives are any safer either, as they can increase your risks of various cancers. Your safest and most effective option: Natural family planning.

Diabetes Care, Vol. 29. No. 3, March 2006: 613-617

Yahoo News March 22, 2006

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