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The Newest Bizarre Disease: Morgellons Disease

One of my trusted network of medical colleagues alerted me about an emerging infectious disease in America that's really not so new: Morgellons Disease, a mysterious and infectious skin disorder first described more than 300 years ago.

Morgellons mimics scabies and lice in appearance (unfortunate patients report biting, crawling and stinging sensations), yet with some stark differences. The wounds appear as if fibers have been imbedded in them, along with seed-like granules and black material. Surprisingly, however, some patients experience the physical symptoms of Morgellons, yet have no overt skin lesions.

Even worse is this disease's effect on a victim's central nervous system, extreme problems with short-term memory, mental concentration and mood disorders (depression and bipolar disorder). And, 10 percent of the children affected by Morgellons suffer from autism spectrum disorders.

So far, cases of Morgellons have been reported in every American state, with the majority coming from California, Florida and Texas.

I strongly urge you to review the material collected in the links below and get up to speed with this frightening problem that has so far escaped the attention of the public who is far more concerned than they should be about an avian flu pandemic that will never come.

Morgellons Research Foundation

American Journal of Clinical Dermatology, Vol. 7, No. 1, 2006: 1-5 Free Full PDF Report

ABC News July 28, 2006

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