The Power of Green Tea Fights AIDS

The wonderful polyphenols found in green tea -- specifically epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) -- may become a powerful weapon in the fight against the AIDS virus, based on research conducted jointly by scientists in Texas and the UK.

For the longest time, scientists have known EGCG inhibits the progression of HIV, but didn't understand how it worked. Typically, HIV infects surface proteins (gp120) that lock onto vulnerable host cells (CD4 T-cells). Once bound together, the virus infects the healthy cell by releasing its genetic material.

Using the fairly new technique of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, researchers learned EGCG also binds to surface proteins in the same way HIV does, without harming the normal functioning of host cells, in essence, blocking the infection. The amount of EGCG needed to block the progression of HIV: The amount anyone receives from drinking two cups of green tea.

Amazing how a substance like green tea can do all sorts of wonderful things like fight cancer and Alzheimer's. The trick about green tea: Ensuring the brand you use doesn't contain high amounts of fluoride. If you've been looking for a safe, fluoride-free tea for a while, you may to consider the green tea extract sold in my Web store.

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