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Practice Makes Waking Up From a Sound Sleep Easier

Steve Pavlina has many common-sense solutions for tackling common problems. You may find some benefit in his approach for waking up every morning right on time.

Rather than scattering alarm clocks all over your bedroom or even trust that discipline will make you wake up even when your sleepier mind fights against it, Pavlina proposes a simple, yet elegant solution: Delegate the waking-up process to your subconscious mind by practicing how to do it optimally during the day or early evening when you're awake and alert.

That means, setting up your bedroom to match the conditions, starting with your typical bedtime rituals (wearing pajamas, brushing your teeth), then setting the alarm a few minutes ahead and getting into a comfortable sleep-like position. When the alarm goes off, turn it off immediately and begin your wake-up habits.

From there, Pavlina suggests practicing this wake-up routine over several days until it becomes so automatic, you can do it without thinking about the steps. Once you establish a wake-up ritual, stick to it every day, especially for the first month.

Even better for your optimal health than relying on an alarm clock, you may want to implement some of the techniques described in my 29 Secrets to a Good Night's Sleep.

Steve Pavlina.com April 25, 2006