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Companies You Can Trust to Use BPA-Free Cans


Eden switched to BPA free liners in April 1999 -- all of its bean and grain combos and chilis are also in cans with BPA free liners. However, due to their acidic nature, Eden's tomatoes (and all of the industry's tomato products) are still in cans with BPA liners.


Vital Choice, Oregon's Choice, Wild Planet, Eco Fish


Vital Choice cans MSC-certified salmon as well as albacore tuna, sardines and mackerel with BPA free liners. Oregon's Choice canned last season's catch of lightly salted MSC certified Albacore (6 oz.) in BPA free cans, and the company says it will over the course of the next two years move all of its canned fish to BPA free.  Eco Fish has canned albacore tuna packaged in a BPA free can, and the company is planning to make the switch for its canned salmon once it finds a suitable can source. Wild Planet has implemented BPA free packaging for both its 5 oz. skipjack tuna and its 5 oz. Albacore tuna products.


Trader Joe's


Canned corn, canned beans, canned fish, canned poultry, and canned beef at Trader Joe's are all packaged in BPA free cans. However, any other products that contain those items -- for example, soups or chilis -- are not in BPA free cans.


Native Forest and Native Factor

Edward & Sons has at least a dozen different products in BPA free cans.  As long as you purchase Native Forest or Native Factor brands, the canned goods are BPA free.

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