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6 Myths You Should Know About Parenting

1. Parenting has to be stressful and chaotic

If certain tools are learned and used, your life can be absolutely magical and peaceful.

2. The more you do, the better parent you are

Rushing around does not make you a great parent. Giving your children love and one-on-one time does.

3. You have to LOVE playing with your child

Many parents have been made to feel guilty that they do not enjoy participating in child-like play. Choose something you love to do and share it with your child.

4. You are a bad parent if you use the word “discipline”

Getting caught up on a word just shifts the focus from what is important -- teaching kids how to have self-discipline, to be kind, and to feel good about themselves.

5. The more talking and explaining you do, the more your child will do the right thing

Children, particularly from the ages of 2-7, are concrete learners. They need simple sentences that they can follow and concrete experiences that they can understand.

6. Letting your child struggle or get upset is bad parenting

This can actually help your children learn how to do new things, and as a result feel good about themselves.

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