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Should You Take Aspirin to Lower Your Risk of Cancer?

Many Americans already take aspirin in an attempt to lower their risk of heart disease. Now a new study suggests that patients who take aspirin regularly for several years may be less likely to die of solid tumor cancers decades later.

According to the New York Times:

“But even as some experts hailed the new study as a breakthrough, others urged caution, warning people not to start a regimen of aspirin without first consulting a doctor about the potential risks, including gastrointestinal bleeding and bleeding in the brain (hemorrhagic strokes).”

So, the trade-off is bleeding in the brain? That doesn’t sound like a winning solution to me.

Aspirin is a drug. And once you understand natural medical principles, it is easy to see that any drug is not the solution for a chronic degenerative disease. In the case of aspirin, if you read the studies by British and American researchers, you will see that taking aspirin can cause much more harm than good. Aspirin can damage your kidneys, cause ulcers, and it will actually increase your risk of pancreatic cancer, a particularly deadly form of the disease! Replacing one form of cancer with an even deadlier one is not a solution.

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