Scientifically Proven Ways Gratitude Can Bring You Success and Happiness

The power of gratitude is a force that can boost your spirit and promote all kinds of feelings of well-being, according to Inc., which took a look at a book on the topic, “The Power of Thanks.” The benefits include higher achievement, better corporate citizenship, fewer feelings of burnout, more engagement, more resilience to trauma and even better sleep, the online magazine says.

As a form of mindfulness, an attitude of gratitude definitely adds to the ways you can live your life more fully. Studies indeed do show that it can heighten your spiritual awareness and well-being, or simply help you feel more relaxed and positive.

Mindfulness is one of the easiest techniques to try out, as it's more of a mindset that you can practice anytime and anywhere to help lift your mood as well as ease physical discomfort and pain.

Practicing "mindfulness" means you're actively paying attention to the moment you're in right now. Rather than letting your mind wander, when you're mindful, you're living in the moment and letting distracting thoughts pass through your mind without getting caught up in their emotional implications.

Meditation is another form of mindfulness that goes a step beyond simply being in the moment, and there are many benefits to it. For example, studies have linked meditation to benefits such as improved attention, memory, processing speed, creativity, and more. Recent research also suggests that meditation helps counteract age-related loss of brain volume.
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